Do I need to have a store to order?
Yes, this is a wholesale ONLY site. You must have a store to purchase from us for resale. If you are looking for personal shopping, please visit our retail shop at www.bohemianbracelets.com 

Is there a minimum order?
There is an opening minimum order of $250. All reorders must be a minimum of $100.

What is your turnaround time?
All items are handmade and we need a bit of lead time to create each piece. For standard orders, please allow roughly 2 weeks for your order to ship once received.

If you have custom charms, it could take up to an additional week depending on the size of the order.

How do we order custom charms?
Please send us an email through the contact page or at hello@bohemianbracelets.com to discuss options.

Is there a fee for custom charms?
Yes, all customs charms have a one time $15 design fee. If the image or phrase is copyrighted to your establishment, we will need written permission to use it.